I received some fashion advice some months ago, that has radically changed my wardrobe and how I feel about myself.

My wardrobe is going through a process of becoming a place that everything I own, I actually like, it suits me and I feel comfortable and more confident in it and it is easy care.

I have lacked education about fashion, what suits me, style and colouring and how to express my personality through clothing.

The basic principles of fashion

Thanks Jesus for the fashion advice!

The basics apply to both men and women. To purchase an item of clothing it must meet ALL of the following criteria

  • Comfort – it must be comfortable, if it isn’t don’t buy it. So much clothing is uncomfortable

  • Cut of the clothing- suits your body shape and fits well, makes the most of your unique body shape

  • Colour – to suit your skin tones and colouring

  • Fabric – feels nice, wears well, comfortable, flattering

  • Care – is easy to care for, and you aware of what it will take to look after it if it’s not? (washing, ironing, delicate fabrics etc)

I am finding that it takes a bit of experimenting and testing about what you like, what suits you and what you feel comfortable in.

Ways to trial new things

Clothes swaps – clean out your wardrobe, get together with friends and circulate the clothing that no longer fits or suits you, it may look great on one of your friends (there are some items that may need to be composted and feed microbes because they don’t suit anyone or might be too old to pass on).

Thrift stores – opportunity shops (thrift stores) are a great way to trial new styles. If you find you don’t like what you bought you can take it back for someone else. You can donate your old clothes to these stores to recycle them.

Friends – try on other people’s clothes (with their permission) to see if they suit you.

Trial shopping – Go to stores and try on all the different outfits, this is a practical research assignment! (take an honest friend who loves you! Most shop assistant’s, in my experience, are not honest and don’t understand what looks good on different shapes, sizes, skin tones etc.)

Photograph yourself in lots of different outfits and see what colours, cut, style suit you.

Other notes

For women finding good comfortable bras that create a nice shape is recommended!

For men, I reckon the same advice applies, not the bras, but comfy clothes that meet all the criteria. often men’s fashion is comfier but more limited in colours and styles.

I have found I don’t have any photos of me in my new gear, I am usually taking photos not a subject in photos.

Here are some of the outfits from years gone by.





March Update From Eloisa

Hi Everyone!

Firstly I want to thank those of you who donate to me regularly or from time to time. Your donations they are most appreciated.

Currently the donations you contribute I allocate to and/or spend on equipment or materials for projects (such as covering costs including tools & resources for environmental projects or the Volunteer Selection Project) or they contribute to my basic living costs.

I am grateful to Jesus for providing the opportunities I am involved in and which generate the donations I receive.

Website updates

I have recently updated the donations page.

Click on the link to take you to the donations page which has all the details of how to donate if you so desire.

Peter and I have separate bank accounts and the details have been changed to reflect this.

The methods currently available to donate include:

Direct bank transfer – you need a bank account

Transferwise – you need a transferwise account – you need a paypal account

What I have been up to

Every second week I volunteer my time at the Divine Truth Studio where I receive many gifts including personal feedback and training in so many areas from cleaning to how systems and the structures of Divine Truth are set up and run. I aim is to learn the principles and fundamentals and as much information as i can absorb as much as possible so that I can train others in how to set up and run the same systems Divine Truth runs for God’s Way.

I feel so grateful to Mary and Jesus and can’t quite believe that I get to do what I really love doing as “work” every day in my life! I feel so lucky to spend time with people who love and live God’s Way every day.

Jesus and Mary have generously gifted their time, resources and training in many areas, some of which include:

  • How to run an effective organisation
  • How to create structure for documentation, data collection, data sortage
  • How to be an effective director of an organisation
  • Accounting and finances training
  • Audio and video production
  • Clear communication skills (ongoing)
  • Morality and ethics pertaining to company operations adn in dealing with others
  • How important structure and having a framework is
  • Personal emotional assistance in regards to personal relationships, and areas that are impacting soul growth and being a truly effective volunteer

Thank you to Lena Shakhanova for paying forward what has learned from Jesus and investigated independently about audio and video production.

With the team at the Divine Truth Studio I learn many new things every day!


God’s Way Ltd

God’s Way is a company that was incorporated in 2016. I feel passionate about this organisation and what it desires to achieve. It is the only organisation I know of that desires to put the theory of God’s Truth into action and practically demonstrate it, document it and share that for free with the world.

Jesus has spent many, many hours creating the constitution and setting up God’s Way organisation.

I would like to thank Jesus and Mary (founding members) for their vision and for leading the organisation. I also thank the members and those who donate and give gifts to God’s Way for having faith in the vision and fundamentals of the organisation when it is not yet tried and tested.

Over the next couple of years I would like to become a far more involved member and be able to truly lead rather than sit back and ride the coattails of the founding members!

Volunteer Selection Project

I feel really excited about this project.

The purpose is to find passionate individuals who desire to give gifts to the world and Divine Truth and God’s Way organisations.

The first project was run in October to December 2017. I learned so much about interacting with people and how to do all the things necessary to run a programme for a group of people. I really enjoyed co-creating the programme and learning about each participant.

Thanks to Jesus, Mary and Tristan for the opportunity and co-creation of this project. I really enjoy working with you guys!

Thank you to all the people who signed up and participated!

Tristan and I are looking forward to facilitating the next Volunteer Project which begins March 15th.

More information about the Volunteer Selection Projects can be found at God’s Way website Link.

20171130-093055-Volunteer Selection Program 1 The Feedback Day.jpg

Volunteer Selection Project (OCT 2017) Feedback day


Volunteer Selection Project (October 2017) Participants during the Cushnie Environmental Centre Clean up day


Volunteer Selection Project (October 2017) Tristan setting up for participant Benefit the World presentations

Developing relationships, family debriefs with children

I have begun to question what it means to actually be a parent from God’s Perspective. I had it all addiction focused (back to front) – about what I wanted and should be given rather than about giving and learning about love and God’s Truth. Recently I have begun to want to develop a relationship with the children rather than get them to love me or do what I want.

I have been conducting an experiment over the past 5 months with the kids. In December 2017 I realised that I didn’t know how the kids were really feeling or what they were thinking. I also noticed a huge gap in their communication skills and interpersonal interaction. Partly this was due to the self-absorbed-ness I have encouraged in them and part of it was due to their lack of education in how to actually interact with other people.

We began what I call “family meetings” or “debriefs”. These are helping me to see a lot about what is happening in our family and the children to become more confident in expressing their thoughts and opinions. Currently they are willing to speak to me about how they feel, part two will be about learning to interact honestly and openly with others and after that it will be about growing desire to change. I want to encourage an environment where the kids know they can speak with me about anything at all and that God’s Truth is a sure way to work through issues. I want to be open truthful and transparent with them and honour God’s Truth over my own (that is the aspiration).

More can be read about the experiment in the post called Developing Relationships: Family Meetings/Debriefs. Link.


Personal experiences and reflections

I want to acknowledge the feedback I receive from many sources, my friends, God’s Laws, the conscience (am experimenting with this), God, spirit friends (experimenting with this), even malevolent spirits (in the moment I am not that happy, but in hindsight you guys are unwittingly helping me out), pretty much everything I encounter is a feedback system. It is helping me grow and I am grateful!

What I have been experimenting with, and aspire to, in bullet points:

  • honouring God’s Truth over my own
  • having a passionate desire to love (grow the aspiration so it is solid and immovable)
  • truthful, honest, clear communication
  • telling the truth to my partner no matter what
  • upholding truth no matter what
  • sticking to the real issues rather than getting suckered into other issues
  • uphold the truth in my home environment (for myself and family)
  • making the time to feel how I feel when I feel it
  • facing up to some of my addictions and co-dependence
  • seeing what I am really like
  • differentiating between facts/reality (God’s Truth) and my feelings
  • feeling my feelings but not holding onto them as the truth
  • finding out where I am lying to myself and telling myself stories
  • challenge my desire to not take action on what I know to be loving and true

I have noticed that often truths are shared and we act out in our injuries or addictions immediately.

I also notice once a truth about a behaviour i engage is pointed out to me I begin to notice when I do it. Once I know about something I know and then it keeps on popping up in my thoughts all the time.

It happened to me 2 days ago. Jesus was speaking about telling the truth and how it is a sin not too tell it and another sin to justify why I don’t tell the truth.

The beauty of it was that I could see what I was doing and how “automatically” I did it. There was me intentionally sinning by not telling the truth right there and then in the moment after Jesus had spoken about it.

“Disobeying God’s Principles of Truth, not telling the actual truth is a sin.”

paraphrased from Jesus 2018

While I fight my addictions and resistances the experience can feel extremely uncomfortable. Once I know something I can’t unknow it and I begin to notice it. I am more aware about each time I dont don’t tell the truth and I know in that moment I made an active choice to sin (I was previously justifying that choice now I know that is a sin too). The question is now I know, what am I going to do about it?

Feeling feelings

Over the last few months I have discovered that feelings can come out of us naturally and easily. This doesn’t happen all the time for me, but it has happened which means it can happen again.

When we want to know about how we treat others, ourselves and or how we have been treated, God shows us through all kinds of sources and ways, it is then our choice to feel or not. Even when we don’t want to know, God kindly has provision to tell us, we often choose to be insensitive which us sad as we misd the benefits. God’s Laws are actively helping us to become sensitive and aware if we engage them.

The benefits of honest communication

At the end of the last Volunteer Selection Project (Dec 2017) Tris began an experiment with the participants on engaging real communication.

Basically this is being real with what you think, feel, want, intend and desire and saying that, straight up, no fluff or extras.

I have been trying it with myself.

Clear communication has benefits:

  • Telling the truth, with an intention to love, clearly is a loving act
  • It feels good to tell the truth
  • It brings up feelings for me in the moment
  • It can create conflict which provides an opportunity for growth and change ( depending on choices)
  • I am able to be clearer in my communication
  • Less room for intepretation and mis understanding
  • Less wasted time as we get to the point quickly
  • Find out rapidly where we do not love as God loves
  • Can reflect why I don’t clearly communicate and situations where I avoid it and work out the reasons why. Why? Or “Why do I…?” (fill in what you do) is a powerful

So in a sentence telling the Truth and a desire to Love helps us grow.

All the Best,


20180307 Eloisa Photos pre 2006 orig 026

Eloisa approx. age 11-12

Developing Relationships: Family Meetings/Debriefs


kids experiment with fire

Developing relationships

In December 2017 I realised that I wasn’t communicating with the children and I wasn’t taking the time to get to know them or giving them the opportunity to express how they were really feeling or what they were thinking. I also noticed a gap in their communication skills and interpersonal interaction. Partly this is due to the self-absorbed-ness we (the parents) have encouraged in them and part of it is due to their lack of education in how to actually interact with other people.

I felt it was important to begin a process of correcting the lack of education from myself and over the past 5 months we have began to have what I call “family meetings” or “debriefs”.


The meetings began once a week as Pete and I had the kids “week about”*. So on arrival at my place the kids and I sit down and the kids are encouraged to nut out all the issues, feelings, thoughts, and things that have happened over the week they have been away.

Outline of family meetings
The kids speak about their experiences and feelings. They raise issues that they feel concerned, sad, angry, afraid, happy about etc. I will raise issues that concern the whole family or new things to experiment with over the week/s to come.

My aim is to uphold an environment that supports love and truth for everyone in the family. This means that while it is important to express feelings and emotions it is also important to find God’s Truth on all matters, thus we speak about “Facts and Feelings”.

I describe this as follows:

Facts are God’s Truth, the facts of what happened.

Feelings are how we feel about what happened.

Once each person has debriefed, the kids choose a personal issue they want to focus on during the week. This might be an emotion that keeps coming up, or something they want to practice such as being more truthful and saying what they really want and feel, rather than what others want to hear.

We talk about the quickest way to deal with issues: feel the emotion until it is all felt and released. We discuss strategies about how we can find, feel and work through addictions, unethical attitudes or emotions that are out of harmony with love and how we can all create an environment to support emotional expression rather than shut emotional expression down (The information we talk about comes from We speak about the difference between talking and acting and how when emotions come up is the best time to feel them.

We speak about “what God or Love would do”, and what we know or have heard about how God treats us and what might happen if we continue acting in the same ways we currently are – both unloving/unethical & loving/ethical. We speak about how living in harmony with God’s Way leads to happiness and living out of harmony with God’s Laws leads to pain and suffering (we get specific). We have conversations about pain and happiness and the kids are encouraged to reflect and trial different ways of doing things to experiment for themselves to test if it is true.

What the kids are identifying currently is that often their interactions with each other cause pain in themselves or each other and bringing their attention to this in the moment helps them to see a relationship between their actions and how they affect others.


I take note of the interactions the kids have and when we have our next meeting or during the week we speak about the interactions so the kids have personal experiences to relate to. I try and make what I am speaking about personal to each of them so they begin to relate the feelings to the actions they are taking. I look for contrasts so the kids can see the impact of their actions in harmony and out of harmony with Love and Truth.

Lastly we have a practice conversation.

Note 1: I don’t lecture the children or force them to interact, but I also don’t let issues go. I take the opportunities that present themselves, I raise issues of love and I ask the children questions about what they feel and think. My aim is for the children to become reflective and to feel their feelings.

Note 2: I don’t speak about my emotional experience or process because I don’t feel that is the point of this exercise. When emotions come up for me during the week I uphold the same principles with myself as I am asking of the children.


Kids when they were younger, NSW

Benefits of family meetings/debriefs

The debriefs open up many conversations and I learn a lot about the children.

I am getting to know what the kids actually think and feel.

The children are learning that they can express their thoughts and feelings and that they can feel what they feel, say what they want to say, and think what they think.

We get to discuss the importance of God’s Truth and how in order to live by truth we need to be truthful about what we feel and think and desire, once we are then we can change and grow if we want to.

Learning about the existence and benefits of God’s methods of communication, including the conscience, receiving God’s Love, God’s Laws.

Highlighting the importance of being emotionally sensitive to our own soul in order to feel and notice God and God’s feedback systems.

The meeting create a space and encourage feelings to come up and be felt in the moment.

The children are learning they can speak with me about any issue and I will attempt to help them discover God’s Truth about the matter for themselves. (My aim is to provide education so the kids become self responsible and know how to find/feel God’s Truth and work through emotions for themselves if they desire to do so).

We are learning we have choices.

We are learning how our actions, intention, attitudes and emotions affect ourselves and others.

The aim to begin the process to become self-responsible.

We are discovering the emotions that are driving our behaviors, and the addictions, demands and exceptions we have and how these affect others and the environment.

How a family meeting looks in action

We sit down at the table, or on the couch (sometimes we have debriefs in the car on the way to and from school).

I usually audio record the debriefs and take written notes to refer back to during the week.

Each child has the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings about the week.

Each child has a time where they can uninterruptedly express their thoughts, feelings, joys and concerns. This often brings up emotions and they are encouraged to go to their room feel how they feel before returning to the conversation.

The children converse with each other about any issues that came/come up between them or with their parents, teachers or other kids at school or socially.

Once the children have said what has happened during the week they are encouraged to directly speak to each other about how they feel and what happened between them during the week. The purpose is for them to experience how to communicate their feelings without blame, to listen to another person, to express their feelings and to have a go at resolving the issues between themselves, it also brings up emotions. Example if one child was angry at the other they speak about it directly, both parties have the opportunity to discuss the issue. In this example I act as a mediator.

During this part of the conversation the kids must own their feelings and are encouraged to say how they feel about the treatment, often this brings up emotions in all parties and we pause the conversation while the children go and feel in different rooms. Once they are done we come back and resume the conversation. If they blame or the anger resurfaces they must part ways and go and feel before resuming the conversation. If it is not resolved I will speak to them about the issue and encourage the emotion to be felt.

It is sometimes challenging as the parent with our own emotions. If we support one child belittling another for instance we are likely to allow it during the conversation. So upholding God’s Truth becomes very important (this requires work on the parents part and is an ongoing discovery for me personally).

If the children begin to blame each other, justify unloving behaviour, attitudes or fight this is addressed in the moment, all parties go off and feel then return and resume the conversation. Sometimes this takes a while as the cycle happens a number of times.

The children can also raise issues they have with their parents and they speak to me about their thoughts and feelings.

Once the children have said what they want to say, the decide what their focus for the week is going to be.

Each child has different areas they want to work on and each child is given the time to feel about ways they would like to challenge, confront, or work with that issue. I write these down so I remember, and the kids also write down their focus for the week.

After the first few debriefs the meetings began to happen more regularly than once a week. The kids began to instigate and call meetings themselves. Impromptu debriefs happen now, as well as the formal weekly meetings and we all sit down and hash out the issue/s, often with one or all of us going and feeling emotions and then coming back and talking further until the emotions come up or the issue is resolved. (There are many issues that are not totally resolved in the family. The meetings have highlighted that the next phase is to work on growing personal desire in order for things to really change.)

Once the debrief has been completed we have “conversation practice” where the children practice having conversations with each other. So far these end up in tears or parties getting angry at one another because the other party is not listening to them. I feel this is a positive step as it highlights some emotional injuries and demands that both the children and parents in the family have that need to be worked through.



I have noticed that each child’s focus has been the same for 2-3 months so we have begun speaking about desire and how things don’t change unless we grow a desire.

I cannot generate a desire in anyone who doesn’t have one. I can only provide an environment to encourage desire. This is a new area for me and something that I am experimenting with.

So far I am finding that upholding basic ethics, God’s Truth and morality, helps to give pretty firm guidelines on a loving environment. I have also discovered that talking doesn’t create change. Action has the power to create change. Consistent loving action is a very effective way to generate change without getting bitter and angry.

While parents hold onto their co-dependence and emotional injuries it is difficult for children to work through their emotions. For example if a parent is in agreement with unloving behaviours in the children it is going to be very difficult for the child to release the emotions that creates the behaviour until the parent changes. When one parent condones certain behaviours and the other doesn’t the children will act differently in each parents company. If a parent suppresses their anger, fear, sadness the children will reflect this also and suppress these emotions also.

I am really enjoying the process of getting to know the kids. I have more compassion for them and I get insights into how they feel about what is happening in the family. The beauty of these discussions is they bring up emotions including fears, sadness, anger and many other emotions during the conversation.

I notice that if I am shut down emotionally the emotions do not come up as easily in the children.

Some of the things we are learning include:

  • upholding an environment based on love and truth
  • the difference between facts and feelings (God’s Truth and their inherited emotional injuries)
  • our addictions, demands, unloving desires upon the children and others
  • interacting with people
  • our personal emotions and choices
  • that taking loving, truthful action is the fastest way to learn and encourage change
  • that conflict is part of growth
  •  self reflection and how our choices and actions affect others and ourselves
  • how to provide an environment where we can experiment, feel and become sensitive to God’s methods of communication and the consequences of our choices and actions.


Note: I tried doing family meetings a few years ago and it didn’t go well. On reflection I feel it didn’t work as I was “trying” and going through the motions rather than having a genuine interest in the children. Also I wasn’t prepared to uphold love during the interactions. Now we speak about God’s Truth on the matter and discuss the options, for example we can continue to behave as we are, which will cause pain and suffering in the long term, or there is another option – God’s Way and this will lead to joy and happiness. We then discuss the false beliefs of “how is that possible”, “what if it doesn’t”, “I don’t know how to change”, “I can’t do it” (fears and expressions of the beliefs of the parents are expressed through the children).


Family meetings are having a positive influence on the family. We are learning many things including “facts and feelings”, personal choices, love and truth, taking action and how conflict creates opportunities to grow. Over the next months I will be implementing some modifications and focusing on how to create an environment that encourages desire.

Until next time, all the best



Kids enjoying a face mask

Parenting Experiment

***This post was updated on the 2nd September 2017, to be more transparent about some of the emotional dynamics being played out within the family



The following is post is about two experiments I was involved in.

The first experiment was a family experiment between Pete and myself.

The second was a parenting experiment to discover the addictions I have created between myself and the kids, and to challenge addictions in myself and the children during the month.

Following you will find:

  1. A brief reflection of the family experiment
  2. An outline of the parenting experiment including some benefits, the details of what, who, where, when and why. Some of my personal reflections & learning during the experiment and a summary of where I am heading next.

After the “official” experiments ended I decided to continuing them as the first month I only began to become a little more aware of what is really going on in the family dynamic, I have yet to emotionally work through the causal reasons why our family is like it currently is.

Background and Reflections on the family experiment

Tristan, Pete and I began a family experiment in June as suggested by Jesus & Mary for the God’s Way of Education Project. I have written a previous blog post on this experiment click here to view.

The purpose of the family experiment was for the adults in the family to become more aware of the unloving family dynamics between themselves and how this impacts their intimate relationship and relationship with the children. Part of the purpose was to document the entire experiment, including the process, events, feelings and experiences for each person involved for God’s Way of Education Project.

After completing the family experiment I felt that I wanted to continue what had been started with Pete as I was seeing and feeling the benefits of what Tris and Jesus and Mary had been helping us with in our relationship.

I noticed the month after the family experiment was a really important one for me to continue to uphold a loving, truthful environment without having someone else to help me do that.

During the family experiment and the following month it felt confronting and emotional (when I allowed it) learning the reality and interplay between myself and Pete. Even now I find it challenging. I don’t always remain loving and firm (sometimes I just feel angry and want it all to end and someone else do the loving thing). Fortunately those times pass and I am realising that this is an opportunity for me to learn to uphold love and truth in every circumstance including with partner and children, I don’t feel very consistent with this yet.

Due to having outside perspectives to highlight issues in our relationship and feeling a little bit during this process I have began to recognise the emotionally abusive behaviour that I am open to from my childhood and how Pete is actually currently perpetuating that in our relationship. I have yet to allow the full feeling of it. I have begun to recognise the manipulative techniques that I used to think were “normal” and how Pete and the kids use these to undermine and pull me and others down to gain power and feel superior. I still allow bad treatment of myself and recognising the sin in both superiority and inferiority & allowing and perpetuating unloving behaviour is an ongoing process for me.

I recognised during the experiment that I want others to stand up and take action when people are unloving or will potentially or overtly be violent and angry and or attacking. For me the quality of courage needs to be developed and some ‘backbone’ grown so I am the person who stands up and takes the loving action. The best place to start is taking action in my relationship with Pete.

Parenting Experiment

I decided to begin another experiment along with continuing the relationship experiment where I had the children live with me solo for a month.

I did this with the intention of challenging the addictions in the kids as a means to help me work through the emotions in myself as to why I created those in the first place.

Ironically I didn’t always end up challenging the kids addictions, but I definitely learned a lot about how I felt and what I want addictively from the kids in particular, but also from others in general.



Following is a breakdown of what occurred


  • Feeling the reality of where our family is at
  • Getting real with where I am at right now
  • Discovering God’s Laws and how God feels about what is going on
  • Recognising sin and where I am currently resistive to seeing & feeling
  • Becoming aware of the real issues rather than remaining “blind” to them
  • Challenge addictions and co-dependence in relationships
  • Recognising that there is a problem in what I have been defining as “normal” within the family
  • To gain education on what truly loving interactions between intimate partners feels like
  • To gain education on what truly loving relationships between children and parents feels like from God’s perspective
  • Feeling how I really feel and why I do what I do so I can change it
  • To recognise, encourage and allow personal emotional experience
  • Sharing the experiment with others who may be interested
  • Because there was desire and motivation for the idea and I wanted to give it a go


Participants: Eloisa and 3 kids

Informal guidance and mentoring from Tris, Jesus & Mary


The experiment began on the 15th of August and went till 10th of September 2017


Eloisa’s home, Queensland Australia


Primary goal and aspiration:

Experiment for parents who desire to challenge their own addictions and re-educate children about Love and Truth from God’s perspective.

Parent to uphold Love and truth in every interaction, beginning with the ones they recognise and become sensitive to those they are not recognising

To enforce ethics, morality and loving consequences and restrictions when Love and Truth is not upheld both for the parent themselves and for the children

What it ended up being about:

I discovered that I have a lot of work to do as I need to be educated before I can actually educate others. Thus the experiment was more about me becoming aware of how out of harmony with Love and Truth I am and why.

It was an opportunity for me to feel about what it is really like in our family, the addictions I have created, how the children treat me is because I have allowed them to treat me that way and how I interact with the children is about my choices and decisions. How the children’s demands were about me wanting to avoid my own personal emotions (they became MORE demanding and needy of me when I wanted to avoid feeling terror, fear and sadness).

Parent to document and log:

  • every incident out of harmony with love,
  • the emotions that were exposed in all parties (if known, or just in self if not known)
  • the consequences enforced
  • the feelings exposed in enforcing consequences
  • emotional addictions in parent
  • emotional addictions in children


  • To challenge issues within myself and personally recognise addictions in myself and what I want them
  • To challenge my lack of action as that seems to be the thing that brings up my emotions the most
  • To highlight issues in myself that contribute to the current family culture that I am currently skipping over, find out what I am skipping over and the emotional reasons why I am skipping over it
  • To uphold a space of love and truth with both partner and children
  • Parent to recognise how their addictions, emotional injuries and belief systems impact the family dynamic, specifically the children and how the parent has the ability to change the family culture
  • Parent to recognise they are responsible and have an obligation to change the family dynamic in a loving direction
  • To bring up the emotions in the parent and the parent to sincerely work through those emotions and enforce love and truth in themselves
  • To recognise what is going on and what in the parent is causing the behaviour
  • To work through the issue in the parent that is causing the behaviour
  • Parents to recognise they initially created the causes of children reflecting and acting out unloving addictions, demands and expectations and it is the parents responsibility to re-educate children based on love (once the parents are educated and uphold love this becomes far easier to do.)
  • Note: if emotional process is engaged by parents and then love and truth is upheld in the family environment it is very easy for children to change.
  • To challenge the addictions in the children that have been allowed, encouraged and actively created



Experiment and reflections from Eloisa’s perspective

I feel this was the beginning of the experiment rather than the completion.

Though the family experiment, was challenging I have chosen to continue it because I have growing faith in the process and though it feels like our family is disintegrating I am also feeling better in myself and noticing slight positive change in some areas. I feel unhappy, but it is real and more reflective of where I am currently at. Though I am still very afraid of standing up to angry men in my life when I do I feel better about myself and it highlights the terror I have within me. I am coming to actually accept that allowing unloving treatment of myself is wrong. Abusers are responsible for their actions, but I am an adult now and I can say “no this is not okay with me”.

I am finding it challenging to uphold love towards myself when my partner manipulates and emotionally abuses me. I find it challenging to stand up every time with the kids in every situation for love and Truth. The children have been trained by us (the parents) and are now master manipulators. Due to Pete feeling that what he does is right and my allowance of his and others abusive treatment it means the children gain approval for remaining in addiction, feeling superior and treating others in an unloving manner.

I stress that the children are a product of Pete and my creation and it is both of our responsibility to work through the emotions in ourselves in order to actually deal with what is going on in the children. When there is allowance and overt approval for unloving and addictive behaviour a child will reflect that when that is all they have known. A child becomes attuned to their environment and insensitive to their conscience and other mechanisms that would help them feel what is ethical, moral, right and wrong.

In our family there is acceptance of treating myself badly from both parents, me and Pete. The kids are not going to change until the emotional allowance changes in me and the emotional justification changes in Pete, plus the external environment is a place where there is no option but to love and be truthful. When this dynamic happens then the children have the opportunity to easily feel through their emotion and undergo sincere change.

From my understanding, if only I change and actually stop allowing abusive behaviours towards myself and others and uphold a space of love and truth (this will partly improve how it currently is), the children will reflect this when they are with me. If Pete does not choose to change the children will still receive reinforcement for unloving behaviours from him and may not go through the emotional change necessary in order to truly change.

At this time Pete is resistive to seeing what is truly going on and how he is harming others. His desire for his addictions is currently far stronger than his desire to love and it is causing a lot of pain and harm within the family.

During the experiment emotion for myself has been exposed but has yet to be worked through. Please note there are areas for myself  where I have work to do also. I am just focusing on the biggest issue we are currently working on.

I have discovered that I have addictions with the kids and Pete. It is taking time to become emotionally aware of them. It is one thing to see addictions, another to work through them.


2016 ELH


I learned:

  • The courage to address issues of love and truth in the moment is something to focus on far more
  • I have a lot of emotion I am not allowing to flow
  • I have been avoiding feeling the reality of the situation
  • I am terrified of angry, violent men
  • I am easily manipulated through fears and beliefs I have about myself
  • I found I really want my personal addictions, I  act them out compulsively particularly when I desire to avoid feeling emotion
  • I don’t want to recognise when people abuse me because I don’t want to cry and feel the pain of my childhood experiences
  • Dynamics with Pete and I are reflected by the kids
  • I have learned that if I allow any unloving or untruthful behaviour that I know to be unloving and untruthful there are always negative consequences
  • By the end of the experiment I was more aware of allowing manipulation to take place between the children and by the children towards myself
  • I was more aware of why I have allowed manipulation to take place towards myself from others
  • Researching why loving behaviour is not happening in the household and personally deal with the emotional reason why, and take action to change the behaviour is confronting, challenging and beneficial. I can see when I am on my own where I allow myself to “get away” with not dealing with the reasons why I do things emotionally
  • Emotions take time. It is one thing to have something pointed out to me, another to actually investigate, discover and feel the real feeling for myself. It is also very different taking actions myself and upholding love than having others around me do it
  • Feeling even a little bit of emotion (when I allow it) brings relief, insight and a different perspective on the situation
  • I am still finding out why I am so terrified and resistive to feeling all my emotions
  • Letting issues drag on and not resolving them causes pain and suffering as compensation for not dealing with them emotionally

My faith grows every time I stand up for what I know to be right and though in the moment I find it challenging, uncomfortable and sometimes desperately want to back down (which at times I still do) I find that truth always makes things better when I stand up for it and when I don’t I feel uncomfortable inside for not doing the right thing

I recommend this experiment to any family, it is not easy, it exposes all kinds of emotions and dynamics for all parties involved. There is conflict, confrontation and even nastiness when we lack humility. There are times when I go straight into addiction to avoid my fears and do exactly what I have always done. The thing is now I am aware I do this I can recognise why I am doing it and notice that every time I reinforce unloving behaviour to avoid my fears it actually feeds the abuser, and doesn’t change anything. Every time I take loving action things improve inside of me even if externally it doesn’t improve



To Tris and Jesus and Mary for education, encouragement and pointing out my addictions and some of the underlying causes of why I behave as I do when I was not aware and when I didn’t want to do the loving thing!

Thank you for pointing things out in the moment as they were happening, this was so beneficial for me.

Where to now

  • Continue the experiments until they become our way of life and sincere change occurs in myself and I hope the family
  • Work on why I don’t let myself feel the reality, how sad, hurt, challenged, whatever comes up I truly feel
  • Modify the experiments when change is not occurring and add to it
  • Learn to allow all emotional experience
  • Work through any blocks to emotional experience
  • The most important part of the experiments is allowing time for feelings to be exposed, come up and be felt.
  • When emotions are not felt no real change occurs in the parent or the child
  • Document the process and emotions and situations that happen within our household

Until next time



Benefits of Being Truthful


Being Truthful* encourages others to be Truthful.

Truthful, Love* based words, thoughts, actions, deeds, intentions and motivations have huge potential to create positive change.

Note: Love and Truth are linked when I mention Truth in this post.

Being Truthful creates opportunity for others to be truthful.

Being Truthful is real.

Being Truthful brings relief.

Being Truthful simplifies life.

Being Truthful brings up emotion, which when allowed to flow and be experienced fully has the possibility to change your soul condition.

Being Truthful encourages emotion.

Living a Love based Truthful life creates change in a positive direction for self and others.

Honouring God’s Truth helps me feel less resentful.

Without Truth nothing can change.

Lying to yourself is long term painful. Being Truthful with yourself, though it may expose pain, if you feel that then it gradually becomes less painful. I notice my opinion of myself becomes more positive and fears are not as scary when the Truth about them is revealed.

In my opinion, God’s Truth is a life saver and growing happiness creator.

To really love someone you must be Truthful.

Truth and a desire to Love ( as God Loves) is the basis for real, love based, close relationships.

I suspect there are infinite benefits of being truthful and transparent.


Emotional Truthfulness

I had the opportunity to experience my friends doing Mediumship this week and the people (spirits) who came to speak inspired me to write about the power of being Truthful and honest.

As these people  shared their experiences, resistances, and selves in an open, honest, truthful manner I noticed how I felt, and how when they just stated what they felt without embellishment or minimization helped me connect to my own resistances and feelings. I felt an opportunity and “allowance” or permission in myself to do the same.

I reflected how when others in my life are Loving, Truthful,  direct, honest, to the point, say it and feel it like it is, it encourages me to do the same and brings up emotion ( for all kinds of reasons). I left feeling inspired to become a consistent Truth seeker and Truth speaker.

In the following days I experienced that speaking the Truth of how I am feeling and honouring my experience of how I feel, as I am feeling it, brings up emotion more easily.

I often have conversations with myself and notice when I speak truth with the feeling I genuinely have about what I am saying out loud I often get emotional without “effort”. The emotion just comes up and then its up to me to honour that I feel as I do and go and feel it.

I have been experimenting with honouring feelings in the moment they come up, with some findings i find interesting:

If I allow myself to go and privately feel what I feel in the moment I often gain insight and a little clarity about the situation. I also am discovering that it opens me up to acknowledging how I really feel about things rather than what I want to think I feel about things.

I feel less resentful.

If I choose not to feel in the moment, I feel exhausted, I “go away from myself”, numb out, become disconnected and engage in addictive frenzy based behaviours.

So above are a few benefits I can see of being Truthful, allowing emotion to flow and to…

Just be True!

I am so grateful to know people who are Truthful, honour God’s Truth and uphold Love. Who encourage me through their example to Love, be Truthful and stand for things that are good and right.

I have friends who set an example of living a truthful, love based life and they inspire me to do the same.

With Love From

A girl who is growing a desire to be True

By Izzy, 2017

* God’s version of Love and Truth

* when I use the word Truthful i refer to the whole package, words, emotions and feelings. Being emotionally truthful and emotionally “raw” is what I want to explore.

* Intentions need to be considered and Love engaged with Truth. When I mention Truth above I am linking it with the assumption of having a desire to love as God loves.

This definition of Love and Truth is based on Principle’s of God’ Truth as taught by Jesus and Mary Magdalene. More information can be found at:


2016 ELH