Benefits of Being Truthful


Being Truthful* encourages others to be Truthful.

Truthful, Love* based words, thoughts, actions, deeds, intentions and motivations have huge potential to create positive change.

Note: Love and Truth are linked when I mention Truth in this post.

Being Truthful creates opportunity for others to be truthful.

Being Truthful is real.

Being Truthful brings relief.

Being Truthful simplifies life.

Being Truthful brings up emotion, which when allowed to flow and be experienced fully has the possibility to change your soul condition.

Being Truthful encourages emotion.

Living a Love based Truthful life creates change in a positive direction for self and others.

Honouring God’s Truth helps me feel less resentful.

Without Truth nothing can change.

Lying to yourself is long term painful. Being Truthful with yourself, though it may expose pain, if you feel that then it gradually becomes less painful. I notice my opinion of myself becomes more positive and fears are not as scary when the Truth about them is revealed.

In my opinion, God’s Truth is a life saver and growing happiness creator.

To really love someone you must be Truthful.

Truth and a desire to Love ( as God Loves) is the basis for real, love based, close relationships.

I suspect there are infinite benefits of being truthful and transparent.


Emotional Truthfulness

I had the opportunity to experience my friends doing Mediumship this week and the people (spirits) who came to speak inspired me to write about the power of being Truthful and honest.

As these people  shared their experiences, resistances, and selves in an open, honest, truthful manner I noticed how I felt, and how when they just stated what they felt without embellishment or minimization helped me connect to my own resistances and feelings. I felt an opportunity and “allowance” or permission in myself to do the same.

I reflected how when others in my life are Loving, Truthful,  direct, honest, to the point, say it and feel it like it is, it encourages me to do the same and brings up emotion ( for all kinds of reasons). I left feeling inspired to become a consistent Truth seeker and Truth speaker.

In the following days I experienced that speaking the Truth of how I am feeling and honouring my experience of how I feel, as I am feeling it, brings up emotion more easily.

I often have conversations with myself and notice when I speak truth with the feeling I genuinely have about what I am saying out loud I often get emotional without “effort”. The emotion just comes up and then its up to me to honour that I feel as I do and go and feel it.

I have been experimenting with honouring feelings in the moment they come up, with some findings i find interesting:

If I allow myself to go and privately feel what I feel in the moment I often gain insight and a little clarity about the situation. I also am discovering that it opens me up to acknowledging how I really feel about things rather than what I want to think I feel about things.

I feel less resentful.

If I choose not to feel in the moment, I feel exhausted, I “go away from myself”, numb out, become disconnected and engage in addictive frenzy based behaviours.

So above are a few benefits I can see of being Truthful, allowing emotion to flow and to…

Just be True!

I am so grateful to know people who are Truthful, honour God’s Truth and uphold Love. Who encourage me through their example to Love, be Truthful and stand for things that are good and right.

I have friends who set an example of living a truthful, love based life and they inspire me to do the same.

With Love From

A girl who is growing a desire to be True

By Izzy, 2017

* God’s version of Love and Truth

* when I use the word Truthful i refer to the whole package, words, emotions and feelings. Being emotionally truthful and emotionally “raw” is what I want to explore.

* Intentions need to be considered and Love engaged with Truth. When I mention Truth above I am linking it with the assumption of having a desire to love as God loves.

This definition of Love and Truth is based on Principle’s of God’ Truth as taught by Jesus and Mary Magdalene. More information can be found at:


2016 ELH

What I Wish I’d Known about Sex years ago…

God’s Truth about sex and sexuality* and that it was taught at school and at home

God made everyone a perfect mate, the other half of you (For more specific info check out go to the youtube channel and search Soulmates) This means there is only one person in the world for you, one partner, one mate, one person to have sex with.

God made everyone with an inbuilt pleasure system so He must have intented us to use it and enjoy ourselves

Love is an essential part of sex. 

I suspect sex without love was not intended.

The more you become and express your real self as God made you, the more your soulmate is attracted to you.

Loving someone is all about opening your heart. I haven’t experienced sex with an open heart yet but I hear its amazing.

Sexuality is a gift.

Sexuality and sexual expression are part of us and we need to explore, discover and become educated about it.

I have a choice to give the gift of my sexuality. If others demand, expect, or take it against my will it is wrong. If they make me ‘bad’ or shame me for not doing what they demand they are even more wrong on so many levels (yes, i have some personal hurt to feel about this one).

Sex is emotional. 

Sex and love go together. seperating love from sex causes heartache. Sex without love is unfulfilling and creates emotional pain.

Sex is an expression of Love. If you don’t love the person you are going to have sex with(or are having sex with), or they dont love you don’t have sex. 

Work out issues of love emotionally before having sex.

Love, including being truthful, transparent, open and honest brings people closer emotionally.

Masturbation also known as self sex is fun and enjoyable for boys and girls. Try it in a safe private space and find out for yourself. Explore your own body discover how it works, how it feels, what part is what. Experiment with what you personally enjoy so when you meet your soulmate you can share and show and then experiment together.

Sex can be fun and at times funny

Scientifically investigate. know your own atonomy how it works and functions.

I recently discovered that my vagina has many parts I didn’t know the names of.

Men and women orgasm. It is very enjoyable to do so.

Men and women can ejaculate. It’s a really enjoyable sensation. You can learn how through self sex.

It would have been benefital to know and understand how to orgasm, how to ejuclate and that it was normal, possible and existed.

That talking about sex helps to learn about it. 

Speaking plainly about sex and calling sexual organs by their scientific names is essential to avoid confusion.

People had spoken plainly, openly and clearly about sex.  

If someone is only interested in you for sex this is not love and they don’t really like you.

That I had been shown factual, truthful, love based informatiom about sex from positive credible sources. And been given information on how to find this for myself, if I so desired.

Sex is not like in the movies. Real sex is not like porn sex. And sexual violence is not okay.

Things like farting, fanny farting ( when air comes out of your vagina) happen during sex. Sometimes sex is awkward. And thats okay.

That feelings, emotions had been encouraged and emotional sex had been discussed.

More may be added in future…


I understand many of us have a heap of emotions around sexuality, sex and sexual expression to work through and release for us to be truly open hearted.

I have found positive, open conversations about sex to be enjoyable and educational. 

I would have loved to have open, honest, emotionally expressive conversations about sex with people who were curious like me when I was discovering my sexuality, where feelings were encouraged, truth was spoken and explored and shame was felt rather than projected.

So this post is beginning a positive conversation in that direction.

All the best in explorng sexuality!

* Ask God and God can let you know through feelings.

For more information on How to Connect to God, how to receive God’s Love and Truth and information on Truth about soulmates and sexuality visit the YouTube channel and search for soulmates, sexuality, partner relationships, Recievibg God’s Love, God’s truth or any other subject you are interested in.


Books i found educational reading about orgasm (I do not agree or endorse  everything in them),

**I Love Female Ogasm: An Extraordinary Orgasm Guide, by Dorian Solot & Marshall Miller

** Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot by Deborah Sundahl


I love rain. In Queensland when it rains it is warm so you can be out in it for ages.


Have you ever wondered how ants plug up their holes so water doesn’t get into their nest? This is what we observed in one species last week, a living ‘door’



Termites making an addition to their nest. We watched them a few weeks ago and their skills in building, teamwork & cooperation is incredible


A few days before the day of rain we had a couple of smaller storms and all kinds of fungi began sprouting out up out of the debosia and hardwood chip

These ones looked like flowers and if they are left on paper they leave a flower like spore pattern


Bright Yellow Fungi

These fungi look similar to coral. They open with moisture and stay tightly closed when dry



The images on the left are what it was like in 2015. Images on right were taken today.

Eating Meat Is Destroying Our Planet

Discoveries Along The Way

Hi my name is Pete Lytton-Hitchins. I was born a country boy and ever since I can remember all I wanted to do was be a sheep and cattle farmer. I remember the first time I killed a kangaroo, the first time I fell off a horse and I used to think all I would ever do was be a sheep and cattle farmer.

With the help of my family over a period of 20 years we own and killed over 100,000 sheep and 10,000 head of cattle.

In 2015 we sold the farm and stopped making money from meat farming. I say the words “meat farming” because when we farm animals we are in the business of producing kilograms of meat for human consumption.

I gave up what I thought was my life long passion. Once I released that eating meat and killing animals was wrong I no longer…

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‘At Our House’ – A Story about Loving Restriction

20170527 Note to Reader:

My friend Mary gave me some feedback on some issues with this story not being completely truthful. I want to correct this before sharing it.

Because I want the story to be a truthful representation of what happened and our family dynamic at the time I have temporarily removed the links to this story as there are some modifications I need to make.

It is very important to me that it accurately reflect Parents responsibility in what happens in a house hold. For example how Parents unhealed emotional injuries are reflected by children and it is the parents unhealed emotions that attract spirit influence. In the story I was blaming spirits rather than portraying how the influence happens.

There were some fundamental errors in what I wrote mainly in that it is not clear enough that personal responsibility and working emotionally through everything out of harmony with love within yourself (the parent) is what changes the family dynamic the most.

The book was suggesting that spirits are entirely responsible for children making mischief, this is not true or accurate.

There is a combination of factors that create the dynamic. In our house the reason that the children acted out as they did and the spirit influence was so great was due to a combination of fears Pete and I had (some we still have) that we were refusing to feel about and the law of attraction at work to help us to work through these.

As I have emotionally worked through some personal issues things have improved in our home. The improvement is due to me (the adult) emotionally releasing some false beliefs, being truthful and honest and beginning a process of feeling how I really feel. I then choose to uphold love more and it is my choices becoming more in harmony with love that are making the difference.

It was due to me being told the truth by Jesus & Mary, my choice to be truthful about my soul condition to myself and experiment with God’s truth that caused things to begin to change.

Our personal choices and taking personal responsibility are paramount in what happens in our life! I want this story to reflect that and currently it doesn’t, so I am editing it.



I wrote a children’s book a couple of years ago (2015) and am sharing it as a pdf (link to come).

It is titled:

At Our House – A Story about Loving Restriction

I have done it as a pdf so you can print it and make it into a book if you want to. If you print it out on heavier duty paper, double sided with the short edge binding option (landscape) it ought to print out neatly and be able to be bound or stapled on the left hand edge.

I have also attached some brief notes to parents about loving restriction & Spirit Influence which can be found in the second pdf

At Our House’ Story, link below (the download size is 74MB). This is the one to print if you are going to make it into a book:

20170323-ELH-KIDS-BOOK-At Our House

A Lower resolution version for online viewing & emailing (download size  MB) link below:

20170423-ELH-KIDS-BOOK-At Our House – Low quality

Note to Parents & Caregivers about the story,  (download size 34KB) link below:

2014_childrens_story_notes_to_parentscaregivers from Eloisa

You are welcome to share this story with your friends. This book may be reproduced, copied and distributed.

I hope you & the children who read or listen to this story enjoy it.



I have added some Links below to Divine Truth Information if you are interested in finding out more

YouTube Channel

Divine Truth FAQ’s

Divine Truth Clips

If you type in the subject you are interested in in the search menu (little magnify glass symbol) on the YouTube channel you will find a lot of information on a variety of subject matter.

God, God’s Truth & God’s Love

Growing Personal Relationship with God

Spirit Influence



Illustration from ‘At Our House’, by Eloisa

20170124 Personal update

****20170304 Addition made

It has been a while since the last post so I thought that an update of what has been happening was in order.

God’s Way Ltd

  • Was incorporated in September 2016.
  • Purchased a property in November 2016.
  • Has been engaging in some projects and the Directors have been learning how to direct.
  • There is a lot of potential for the God’s Way project and I look forward to the year ahead.


    Learning Centre early morning

November Assistance Groups – Understanding God’s Loving Laws:

Jesus and Mary shared, presented and gave the gift & opportunity to participate in another Assistance Group in November (they are filmed so the opportunity is available to ‘attend’ from your own home if you desire). They planned & prepared (over 500 hours), presented the two groups (over 60 hours all together) and then have spent the last two months producing all the information for public consumption (heaps more hours! link to where audio and video links will be posted when post production is complete is below).

It was a huge effort and from their own admission only a mere stroking of the surface of the subject matter.

There was so much to take in and now a life time of potential investigation to actually understand what Jesus and Mary were presenting. With God being an infinite being there is an infinite amount to find out so our education is infinite.

During the group it became apparent that a relationship with God is going to be essential in order to actually understand any of the higher laws of love. I found them to be very inspiring higher laws.

Personal Reflections on Attending AG3.2:

For me personally I got challenged, confronted emotionally in regards to how out of harmony with God’s Laws I am and how much I want my own ‘’law’. I felt relieved that I have just been mis-educated and that I have the opportunity to learn, grow and find out more. I liked that being in Harmony with Law makes life smooth and enjoyable filled with benefits and being out of harmony with Law makes it feel uncomfortable and painful. (I liked the first part rather than the second part. But It is good to know the consequences of breaking law as there is more incentive to stop and I felt less generally ‘stressed out’).

There was a lot of questions answered and fears alleviated and also fears and addictions highlighted during the groups.

It was an opportunity to see love in action and I now have an opportunity to experiment, investigate and apply the information and see what happens next.

Thank you to Jesus & Mary for the gift of the groups and opportunity to learn new things. And to J&M & Lena and Igor for your time, instruction and training in regards to filming, recording and set up and dismantling equipment during the group.


2016 ladybird on paper daisy Tingoora

Thank you for the Donations:

I wanted to thank all of you who donated towards my time during the days that I helped out with the filming in the first Assistance Group. I am so grateful for your donations and they covered most of my accommodation costs for the group.

It is such a gift to have the opportunity to learn new skills in filming while listening to God’s Truth (snippets between concentration) and to receive donations for doing something that I really enjoy!

Pete & I  would also like to thank those of you who have donated independently of the Assistance Groups, we are really grateful for the contributions that you have made and really appreciate the gift!

And lastly to thank various people, businesses and organisations for non-monetary gifts and donations that are just as valuable, such as scraps for our little property to help create soil, For volunteered time that helped us to complete our house and various jobs that needed doing. We appreciate the effort of your time and resources!


Little house in The Bush complete:

We finished off our little house in the bush and I moved in during December.

It is such a lovely place and we are enjoying the quiet and planning more projects on all sorts of topics including to help repair the property from an environmental perspective alongside repairing our souls.

Thanks Corny for all your work and attention to detail to make the house so lovely to live in.

Thanks to our visitors for the help in doing the final clean and tidy before move in day!


Jesus and Mary gave the gift of some training opportunities over the last few months with some people from overseas and it was an opportunity to learn new principles and skills and see what is really involved in post production of the Assistance Groups!

I have a lot of admiration for the skills and time Jesus gifts to get the material he and Mary create out to the world.

I think everyone learned a lot who was involved in the training programme and I am looking forward to implementing some of it in the up coming Volunteers Induction Programme and editing some video and audio material that I have been collaborating in creating recently.

God’s Way of Education Project:

Tristan and I did an introductory presentation for a small audience in early January.

It was fun and challenging all in one.

We had our first tastes of setting up a venue, recording everything and presenting.

There is lots to learn and we have the post production side of things to still come.

Tris and I are planning to do more videos on our ideas, desires and intentions in the near future for this project and an Adult/Parenting Education programme and we will be publishing them publically for those of you who are interested in learning more.

I would like to Thank Tris for his presentation and his time and mentoring of Pete and I and the kids on this project so far.

We want to thank those who helped us out before, during and after the event:

Jesus for training in audio, video & post production and how to give a presentation

Lena for audio and general set up advice and dismantling, video and editing advice

Nicky for being on Audience camera

Courtney & David for being our mic runners

Pete for cleaning and helping to organise the venue

Participants for coming along and creating an audience.

Particular thank you to those who asked questions!

Waterless Garden Presentation

Pete gave a presentation of the basic elements of setting up a waterless garden that can be scaled up or down. He also conveyed his love and the importance of worms as soil creators and how to set up a working wormfarm.

Basic Elements he covered:

  1. Water Reservoir
  2. Overflow – so soil does not get saturated and plants don’t die
  3. Wicking system – draws up water through a medium/s from the reservoir so that the garden remains ‘self watering’ (you need to top it up every few months or so)
  4. Soil – vital to nourish & feed the plants also how you can make it from your own waste and household ‘rubbish’
  5. Plants – determine the size of the garden you are going to make

Participants got to trial out methods of waterless garden creation in a practical demonstration. They experimented with a number of different construction methods and ideas inspired on the day.

The idea was to be able to go home and create your own waterless garden & worm farm, with the materials available to you (or a basic set up being able to be purchased for under $100 AUD at the local hardware store) and encourage people to recycle household waste. Including but not limited to: green waste, paper/cardboard etc, human manure and how these materials can create great soil with the help of the intelligent life such as worms.

Where we are at personally:

I have been so busy that it has been a bit crazy with little time to properly connect to myself. This has created some issues of ‘going away’ from myself when things have come up and going into management mode.

I have a little more time in the coming weeks and am going to take some time out (along with planning various projects) to find out how I feel about all the things that have been happening in my life.

Pete and I are sorting through a lot of relationship issues which we are finding challenging at times. But we hope that by breaking down all that is unloving in our relationship and working through the emotions of why it is this way we will get to a new place that is based on Love and Truth permanently.

We will see how it goes.

We have enjoyed the holidays with the kids and didn’t want them to end. We have been looking at Desire and how to create an environment that upholds loving positive change and our resistances to doing so each and every day.

Our consistency needs to become far more consistent and there is much room for improvement. We have noticed that if the emotions in us as parents don’t change and are not released it makes it difficult for the children to have the room to change.

Expecting children to change when you refuse to as a parent is hypocritical and we have some work to do on this personally.

There is so much to be grateful for in our lives and reflecting on the year gone by it has been full to the brim with opportunities and new learning experiences. I desire this year to keep growing and work through the issues that prevent a solid relationship with God. I am feeling challenged often and am so glad for the Assistance Group material so that I can go back and work through all the resistances and various issues that are presenting themselves.

Until next time



*** Update added in: Waterless Garden Presentation