Everything on this website including the intellectual property, the projects we are engaged in & share, and the events we organise and run, are shared as gifts free-of-charge.
Most of the projects and information on this website has been inspired by The teachings of Divine Truth! I feel that all Divine Truth material and resources should be accessible to everyone regardless of their personal financial status and be shared free of charge.
I would like to thank Jesus and Mary for kindly adding me to their donations page as a volunteer for God’s Way organisation.

Currently I spend the donations I receive on projects that I am involved in, equipment for experiments – such as the food tub project, Volunteer Selection Project expenses, and some day to day living expenses.

I love my life and am so grateful to you for the donations that help to support me living it.

Thank you for your donations, I am truly grateful to receive them!

Contact Person: Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins
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Contact Person: Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins
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First Name: Eloisa
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Address: 98 ODea Road
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Postal Code: 4610
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98 ODea Road
Kingaroy, Queensland 4610

Eloisa’s current financial situation

I aspire to share our family’s personal experiences in relation to ‘Divine Truth’ with the world. I want to further the distribution of Divine Truth that  Jesus & Mary Magdalene have created in any way that I possibly can.

Currently I am funding  the projects I do and my personal living expenses from personally generated funds. I have a personal business (which funds what I do) and means I can volunteer my time to Divine Truth and God’s Way organisations (mostly God’s Way).

Eloisa’s roles and regular tasks

  • Director for God’s Way Ltd.
  • Secretary for God’s Way Ltd.
  • Personal company (sole trader)
  • PE Group (partnership)
  • Monthly accounts for God’s Way Ltd, Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins & PE Group
  • Day to day running of PE Group, Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins
  • Day to day running with other directors for God’s Way
  • Website/blog set up & management
  • Purchasing, updating, managing, maintaining audio & video equipment for God’s Way
  • Youtube channel management, production, uploading & maintenance for personal accounts
  • Audio Recording events, meetings etc, editing, production
  • Filming & photographing, editing & production of projects we undertake or organizing this to happen
  • Organising travel & accommodation
  • Research Projects: Design, implement and oversee projects & experiments for PE Group & God’s Way Ltd (with other directors and members)
  • Manage projects & events for God’s Way Ltd & PE Group
  • Volunteers Selection Programme: designing & implementing project instances
  • God’s Way of Education Project assistant

I would like to thank Jesus and Mary for mentoring me, their guidance & suggestions in regards to doing things in the most loving way, upholding Principles of Love & God’s Truth. I would also like to acknowledge that without Jesus and Mary’s passion and desire for sharing God’s Truth with the world I would be leading a very different life right now. If you desire to donate to Jesus and Mary personally go to the following link.

Financial Records Transparency

We (Pete and I) have decided to be completely transparent about our financial records. Here are our latest financial records for your examination. In Australia, our financial year period is from 1st July to 30th June of the next year.

2016-2017 Financial Year

PE Group

2014-2015 Financial Year
Eloisa 2015-eloisa-tax-return

Peter 2015-peter-tax-return

Kyabra Pastoral Group 2015-kyabra-pastoral-group-financial-summary

Kyabra Trust 2015-kyabra-trust-financial-summary

2013-2014 Financial Year
Eloisa return-2014-eloisa-lytton-hitchins

Peter return-2014-peter-lytton-hitchins

Kyabra Pastoral Group return-2014-kyabra-pastoral-group-pty-ltd

Kyabra Trust return-2014-kyabra-trust

2012-2013 Financial Year
Eloisa return-2013-eloisa-mo-lytton-hitchins_pdf

Peter return-2013-peter-lytton-hitchins_pdf

Kyabra Pastoral Group return-2013-kyabra-pastoral-group-pty-ltd

Kyabra Trust return-2013-kyabra-trust

Note: We have included the last three years of Kyabra Pastoral Group’s financial records as well as our personal tax returns

We sold Kyabra Station in November 2015 and Kyabra Pastoral Group Pty Ltd will be discontinued at the end of the 2015-2016 financial year.
Peter and my personal company PE Group (this currently funds my personal experiments & living expenses) and tasks I perform for God’s Way Ltd presently these tasks include:


*I would like to direct you to those who know more than I do in regards to God’s Truth, Jesus & Mary Magdalene; the following link is where you can find out more first hand:

You may desire to donate to Jesus and Mary who share Divine Truth and inspiration for  the information shared on this site.